We seek to build meaningful relationships with a select number of institutional clients as a trusted partner and strategic advisor. We concentrate on developing a deep understanding of our clients’ goals and offer flexible investment solutions to meet their needs.

Our structure was designed to preserve independence and alignment with our clients.

Since 2004, our CIOs have been managing institutional assets by applying a skill-based approach.

We construct portfolios with an alpha orientation from the bottom up; we are agnostic to traditional asset and strategy classifications.

Risk management is an integral part of the investment diligence process.

A key source of risk mitigation is a diversified portfolio of high quality investments.

Proper risk management can be an additional source of alpha.

We pursue a broad opportunity set which is intended to harness a diversified stream of returns from investment skill, illiquidity premia, and a variety of market risk premia.

A long-term perspective allows for staying the course in difficult times.

Our team’s compensation is carefully constructed to align with the long-term goals and interests of our clients.


Our approach is supported by our investment beliefs, examples of which include:

  • A less constrained approach translates into more opportunity

  • Fundamentally differentiated strategies can enhance results over time

  • Diversification is key to risk management

  • Being agnostic to traditional asset classifications should promote superior portfolio architecture

  • Structures that promote alignment between managers and investors are integral to long-term success

Guiding Principles

Our experience in institutional pension management has taught us the necessity of sound governance, strong beliefs, and close alignment with clients.

  • Adopting a governance model designed to protect client interests

  • Acting as a fiduciary service provider, in addition to managing assets

  • Customizing client portfolios to meet their unique requirements

  • Seeking to deliver appropriate long-term risk-adjusted net returns

  • Aligning the Aptitude team with client outcomes


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