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Innovative Fiduciary Management and OCIO

We work with you And for you

fiduciary management

As a fiduciary, our clients’ interests are at the forefront of our approach. From our history as pension trust fiduciaries, the Aptitude team has over a decade of experience providing full service fiduciary management to institutional investors. Aptitude can function as a complete OCIO or operate as an extension of your existing investment office.

Our fiduciary management approach entails holistic and customized portfolio management services, such as governance, investment architecture, review of investment philosophy and beliefs, policy development, portfolio aggregation and reporting services, oversight of third party managers, and acting as a completion manager to your existing portfolio.

Our innovative approach is designed to meet the unique investment objectives of institutional investors including endowments, foundations, pensions, and family offices.

We build investment portfolios that combine diversified exposures to various skill-based strategies and market risk premia. We have the ability to integrate existing portfolio exposures and to customize solutions.

We seek to deliver alpha-centric portfolios utilizing active, skill-based strategies. Exposures to traditional asset classes and other factors are quantified and adjusted using passive or synthetic instruments. Leveraging proprietary tools and models, which we developed specifically to address the idiosyncratic risks and cash flows of alternative assets, we integrate disciplined risk assessment and portfolio risk management throughout the process.

Our Fully-Integrated Solution Includes:

  • Partnership with your existing team

  • Governance, philosophy and beliefs

  • Investment strategy development

  • Integration with existing investments

  • Investment architecture and implementation

  • Portfolio optimization

  • Customized risk reporting / transparency

  • Cash flow modeling and reporting

  • Measurement, review and education

  • Operations and administrative support

Our Total Portfolio Approach

  • A portfolio may be designed to be alpha-centric by targeting the exposure to skill-based strategies.

  • Systematic exposure to traditional asset classes and other factors is quantified.

  • We believe market-risk premia should be accessed through low-cost passive strategies.

  • We can quickly and efficiently adjust market risk exposure to target portfolio objectives, such as return-seeking and/or liability matching.

  • Our experience includes liquidity matching, tail risk hedging, and currency hedging, as well as a variety of customized services.

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